Falkland Islands Photography Workshop and Tour

Excursion to the Falkland Islands to Photograph Penguins, Albatross, Birds and Wildlife

January 28-February 11, 2023

Have you dreamed of heading to the southern reaches of the planet, where penguins and albatross thrive and the land is still wild and unspoiled? Then begin planning now for our next photo adventure to the Falkland Islands.

Spend two weeks with a small group of photographers in one of the world's ultimate locations for wildlife photography, a location likened to "Antarctica without the crowds," and the Galapagos the way it was sixty years ago.

The Falklands lie east of the tip of South America and above the Antarctic Peninsula, in the nutrient-rich waters of the South Atlantic. Like Antarctica and nearby South Georgia Island, the Falklands host millions of penguins, albatross, seabirds, land birds, seals and sea lions that breed in dense colonies during the austral summer (winter in the Northern Hemisphere). But unlike these other locations, which require cruise ships, the Falklands are now accessible by commercial jet service from South America (via Santiago, Chile).

Although the Falklands have an area the size of Connecticut, the population totals just 3,400 people—and 2,100 of them live in Port Stanley, the capital and only city. The remainder are spread out on small farms and settlements throughout this archipelago of over 700 small islands. The maritime climate produces average daily highs of 59° F. It is an extremely friendly, safe and unspoiled place to visit.

Our itinerary is designed for photographers. and I've refined it based on eight previous workshops there. During our trip, we stay on three of the very best small islands for wildlife photography — Sea Lion, Carcass, and Saunders Islands — chosen for their abundant and easily accessible wildlife. Great photographic opportunities are literally outside our door.

We'll also photograph the largest colony of majestic King Penguins in the Falklands, accessible from Stanley on East Falkland, and spend a day at the massive albatross colony on rarely-visited West Point Island, a rare example of original tussock grass habitat.

A partial sampling of the subjects we expect to photograph:

  • King, Magellanic, Gentoo and Rockhopper Penguin colonies. (Plus a few newly-established Macaroni Penguins.)
  • Colonies of majestic Black-browed Albatross—with 8-foot wingspans.
  • Striated Caracaras — the infamous "Johnny Rooks."
  • King Cormorants, Giant Petrels, skuas and gulls.
  • Shorebirds, waterfowl, and numerous land birds.
  • Elephant Seals and Southern Sea Lions.

Because our trip is timed to coincide with the Antarctic breeding season, you can expect plenty of opportunities for nesting behavior, chicks, and juvenile birds in downy plumage.

Most birds here have no fear of humans, enabling you to get wonderfully close for intimate portraits and fascinating behavioral shots. Many of these birds will walk up to investigate you!

Your group will be limited to seven participants, on small islands occupied by a single family!

The tour fee includes all lodging and meals on the Falklands, and inter-island transport. Our small group size gives us great flexibility and ensures you will have plenty of time for the trip leader to answer your questions and provide assistance. You will return with great memories and professional quality images from this rich nature destination.