The Tarantula Nebula, Chile

The Tarantula Nebula
Hacienda los Andes, Chile   –   February 18, 2023
— Ralph Paonessa
Canon EOS R6   *   TEC APO200FL f/8   *   ISO 1600   *   f/8

RGB H-alpha modified camera.

65 x 2 min = 2.2 hr total exposure

Stacked and processed in PixInsight with the following steps:

  • Weighted Batch Preprocessing (dark subtraction, cosmetic correction, local normalization, integration by PSF Signal Weight, drizzle integration)
  • Dynamic Background Extraction
  • Spectrophotometric Color Calibration (avg spiral galaxy white ref.)
  • BlurXTerminator
  • Histogram Transform to non-linear
  • StarNet2 to separate nebula from stars
  • HDR Multiscale Transform
  • Local Histogram Equalization
  • Curves for contrast and saturation
  • Shrink stars and recombine
  • NoiseXTerminator
  • Multiscale Linear Transform (sharpen)

I did not try to alter the color from the calibrated results, but I was surprised how much blue is present.

Photo ID: Tarantula Nebula RGB v2