Zodiacal Light before Sunrise, California

Zodiacal Light before Sunrise
Darwin Plateau, California   –   November 7, 2021
— Ralph Paonessa
Canon EOS 6D   *      *   ISO 3200   *   30 sec

The autumn Zodiacal Light, one hour before sunrise. Dust in the plane of the solar system reflects sunlight. The intersection of this plane with the celestial sphere is the ecliptic (roughly the line of the zodiac constellations).

In autumn, this line is nearly perpendicular to the horizon at dawn, making this a good time to view this celestial phenomenon from a dark location.

Merged panorama 1 x 15 frames spanning about 180°. A second row of frames above this, completed 7 minutes later, was unusable because the sky had brightened too much and washed out the zodiacal light.

Photo ID: 20211107-1-Pano