Perseid Meteor Shower, California

Perseid Meteor Shower
Mojave Desert, California   –   August 12, 2021
— Ralph Paonessa
Canon EOS 6D   *   Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 ED AS UMC   *   ISO 3200   *   60 sec @ f/2

Perseid Meteor Shower the night of August 12, 2021, one night after the projected peak (which was obscured by clouds). Composite of 26 tracked images that captured meteors, 8 stacked images of the sky, and 4 stacked untracked foreground images, asembled in Photoshop.

The Perseid meteors, captured over six hours, all trace back to a common radiant in the constellation Perseus. A few non-Persieds are visible.

Individual meteor layers were blended via Lighten mode and masked.

The Andromeda Galaxy is visible at upper right. Light pollution from a large mining operation in Trona is prominent on the horizon.

Wagon Wheel, Spangler Hills, in the Mojave Desert. Bortle 4 skies.

Photo ID: 20210812-187-stack-foreground-Edit-2