Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy and Messier 103, California

Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy and Messier 103
Panamint Valley, California   –   March 14, 2015
Canon EOS 6D   *   EF500mm f/4L IS USM +1.4x   *   ISO 800   *   481 sec @ f/8

Comet Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy was captured here along with open star cluster Messier 103 (NGC 581) in the constellation Cassiopeia. The exposure was 8 minutes through a 500mm lens on a tracking mount.

The comet's faint tail is visible. The bright blue star is Ruchbah, the fourth brightest star in Cassiopeia.

Photo ID: 20150314-4 stack 2

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