Orion Constellation Area, California

Orion Constellation Area
Panamint Valley, California
Canon EOS 6D H-alpha modified   *   Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM   *   ISO 3200   *   f/2.8

Combined 2 hr total exposure from 151 x 1 min subs of the constellation Orion and its surroundings, including the Milky Way to the left. My EOS 6D camera was filter-modified to not block the deep red Hydrogen-alpha light that is common in nebulas and star-forming regions.

Just right of center, the three blue stars of Orion's Belt form an almost vertical line, with the orange Flame Nebula next to Alnitak, the bottom star. (The famous Horsehead Nebula is barely visible at full zoom.) The white overexposed area to the right is the Orion Nebula. And the orange star left of center is Betelgeuse, marking Orion's shoulder.

Stack of 151 X min 1 min exposures at f/2.8 using a sky tracker.

Photo ID: 20171118-71 stack-121

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