Southern Milky Way and the Magellanic Clouds, Chile

Southern Milky Way and the Magellanic Clouds
Hacienda Los Andes, Chile
Canon EOS 6D   *   50mm   *   ISO 6400   *   20 sec @ f/1.6

Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds near the South Celestial Pole. 3x2 mosaic in Photoshop using modified EOS 6D, untracked Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens, ISO 6400, 20 sec at f/1.6. Red star halos were reduced using CA adjustments in LR.

The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds are beautiful sights in the southern sky, easily visible with the naked eye from dark sites. They are small satellite galaxies of our Milky Way.

The bright red area in the band of the Milky Way is known at the Eta Carina Nebula, a glowing region of intense star formation in our galaxy.

Photo ID: MW pano PS