Andean Lapwing, Ecuador

Andean Lapwing
Antisana National Park, Ecuador   –   October 19, 2022
— Ralph Paonessa
Canon EOS R5   *   RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM   *   ISO 3200   *   1/8000 sec @ f/7.1

The raucous Andean Lapwing is a plover-like "shorebird" that favors the open fields of the Andean páramo, high above the treeline in the Andes.

Because it's wary of photographers, I've had little luck getting images during several prior trips to this habitat. But the agility of my new mirrorless EOS R5 and RF 100-500mm f/45-7.1 L IS zoom and the almost-magic AF eye-tracking helped me capture this image at ISO 3200 in the overcast drizzle. This camera-lens combo is excellent for bird photography.

Photo ID: 20221019-13-Enhanced-NR