ZTS Battery Testers: Useful and Accurate Tools

Reliably Measure the Remaining Charge

Ralph Paonessa

June 1, 2011

1. Battery Testers

ZTS makes a line of very useful and accurate battery testers. They work well with a variety of batteries, including the alkaline and NiMH rechargeables used in most flashes.

If you use a lot of batteries, say for heavy flash use, a reliable battery tester is invaluable. For my multiple flash hummingbird photography workshops, we often go through several sets of AA batteries in a day. These can be rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), alkaline, or lithium batteries. It pays to have a quick method of determining how much charge is left in each battery.

Common battery types you can test
Figure 1. Some of the batteries you can test with the ZTS Battery Tester MBT-1.

See Table 2 for a complete list of compatible batteries.

I make heavy use of rechargeable NiMH batteries. But charge these batteries and let them sit on the shelf, and over several days many will slowly lose their charge. Again, a good battery tester will quickly tell you how fresh the charge is in each battery.

You may have many photo accessories that use a variety of retail batteries. And batteries are ubiquitous in our lives—think of all those remote controls in your living room, and flashlights in your drawers.

I have found the "Pulse Load" Battery Testers from ZTS, Inc. to be very useful and versatile. There are large models for your workbench, and smaller models you can stuff in your camera bag. Each one will test a variety of battery models, clearly marked on the tester.