What Participants Say about Our Trips

"We had a wonderful time in Costa Rica. It was wonderful to go again."

—Pat & Paul B. (Oregon)

"The first day was worth the whole price of the workshop."

—Ray K. (Minnesota)

"The Ecuador workshop was one of the best I have ever been on."

—Carlos H. (Texas)

"I have never been to a workshop in which I was so happy and proud of the pics I took. This one was very special."

—Ed K. (California)

"Thanks sooo much for the trip and the advice. We really did have a fabulous time. It was also one of the most immaculately well-organised trips we have taken."

—Yvonne A. (England)

"I’ve been on many photo tours and workshops, and you are by far the best leader I’ve ever encountered. Your professionalism is beyond anything I've experienced before. Everything from the detail sheet you provided earlier, to getting a list of everyone's gear and objectives, to organizing the hotel shuttle for all, to giving me some personal attention because I'm going in a day early and coming out a day later, is so noted.

"I do not require a lot of hand-holding, yet I'm impressed with your attention to detail. You must have a lot of repeat clients.

—John B. (North Carolina)

"Our trip with you to the Falkland Islands was without doubt the most memorable trip we have ever made. In addition to being memorable, it was also exciting.

"The ability to be so close to so many penguins was a unique and beautiful experience."

—David W. (England)

"I found your trip to be extremely well–organized. You always got us to the right place at the right time. Your pre–trip correspondence regarding travel, photo gear, clothing, weather, etc., was exceptional—way above what I have seen with other tours."

—Bob J. (Washington)

"The trip was outstanding! Thank you for a great experience."

—Steve C. (Montana)

"It truly was a fantastic trip and I look forward to more. I really feel like I left my heart in Ecuador; it was so tranquil and the people so warm.

—Nancy P. (Wyoming)

"Thanks for helping to make the Falkland’s trip so terrific. If anyone needs a great reference about you, feel free to give my email and phone number

"I just wanted to thank you again for a fantastic trip to the Falkland Islands. I’m so happy I found your web site last January when I was looking for someone to lead a photo trip to this terrific area of the world where I’ve been wanting to go for many years.

"You were definitely the perfect photo group leader for me and I can certainly see why you got such excellent recommendations and why the lodge owners we stayed with think so highly of you. This was the trip of a lifetime for me and I enjoyed every minute of it and have a tremendous amount of wonderful images to go through and eventually get up on my web site. I was definitely in “penguin heaven” in the Falklands and every day was truly a wonderful adventure. Thanks for being such a warm and easy-going leader!"

—Sandy S. (Massachusetts)

"I look back with fond memories of our Falklands trip, so well orchestrated by Ralph. Thank you. Your trip was one of the best I've been on. And I learned a great deal from you about photography, especially relating to the use of flash. I'll have fond memories of the Falkland trip for the rest of my life. A great trip!

"The Ecuador experience was very enjoyable and instructive."

"Ralph is a wonderful guide and instructor, thoughtful, and always putting his clients first."

—Ron D. (Maine)

"Thank you for the trip. It was really well organized and the places were beautiful"

—Angela A. (Texas)

"Once again thanks from the bottom of my heart for two great photo adventures with you.

"First, it was truly delightful meeting you. The workshop was a great experience and I certainly had a lot of fun."

—David F. (Colorado)

"I would love to go back to the Falklands! I loved the penguins and see how you are able to go back again and again!"

—Nona B. (Colorado)

"I have gotten a huge amount of good stuff from working with you."

—Neil S. (Oregon)

"Thanks for a very good tour to a part of the world we probably would not have gotten to, except for your leadership."

—Lee D. (Maine)

"It was a great trip. I enjoyed every minute of it."

—George B. (Canada)

"We have been living off the glory of our Ecuador photographs. It was a fantastic week and neither of us really wanted to return home."

—Tony B. (England)

"Can’t look at a hummingbird without thinking of you and all the good times we had together. I can tell you that first hummingbird seminar changed my life."

—Mike D. (New Jersey)

"My wife and I really enjoyed our trip with you in the Falklands this January.

"I like your style and the places you visit!

"My wife and I wish to thank you all for your excellent company in the Falklands. We would like to return to the Falklands one day in the future, because we feel that from a photographic and artistic point of view it was our best experience ever."

—David W. (England)

"Over all I was very pleased with my images. Thanks for a great trip."

—Alan N. (Montana)

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip, which was really perfect for me. The right mix of time alone and in the group in that beautiful part of the world. I had a great time. I have not been happier than that in a long time."

—Johanna H. (Sweden)

"We showed my Costa Rica hummingbird slides to members of my family two weeks ago. They were blown away with the quality of images, etc., thanks to your expertise. Thanks again."

—Bud W. (Oklahoma)

" Thanks heaps for such a great trip!"

—Frederick B. (Minnesota)

"I told my fellow photographers you were the greatest leader of all photo tours I’ve attended. I think many times for our great trip to the Falklands with you."

—Klaus T. (Germany)

"I wish to Thank You! again for making the Arizona Hummingbird Workshop so much fun and enjoyable.

"Thank you for a great Hummingbird workshop! I can now proudly add these beautiful images to my growing list of accomplishments. More important, I have made many new friends and have stayed in contact with them. Thank you again, it was such a productive week!"

—Brian W. (California)

"Just wanted to again state what an enjoyable time I had working with all of you last week. Of course a big thank you goes to Ralph for organizing the trip and making sure that all our needs and wants were met."

—Mel L. (New Jersey)

"We thoroughly enjoyed your Costa Rica trip. Thank you. Your choice of the lodges, and transport arrangements were as usual excellent. My wife says she learnt a lot from you. We also enjoyed the company of the fellow participants. Thank you also for ordering and bringing along the various items I had requested—greatly appreciated.

"We thoroughly enjoyed our trip guided by you in a most efficient, careful, and considerate manner. We shall have no hesitation in going on future trips with you, and recommending you to our friends."

—Hemant M. (United Kingdom)

"I wanted to thank you for the marvelous trip. The photo opportunities were tops and the company most excellent."

—Jack K. (Colorado)

"I first met Ralph at the Las Vegas NANPA Summit in 2001. During the Summit he taught an excellent breakout session on flash photography. His technique intrigued me, and I liked his style of teaching. As a result I signed up for the hummingbird workshop. I came away from that workshop with some excellent images and the ability to apply everything you taught. I also came away inspired by his passion and photographic vision. In short, I left this first workshop with the skills and a vision that I continue to apply to much of my photography.

"Last year my schedule allowed me to accompany Ralph on his Costa Rica trip. Unlike the workshop in New Mexico the folks on this trip were fairly experienced shooters and mainly wanted to be placed in the right location at the right time. Ralph did not let us down. He also tailored his teaching approach to the needs of each individual. On this trip he often shot alongside the participants (ala Artie Morris), but always placed the needs of the participants first. What you will find about Ralph is that he once worked for Artie. He respects Artie and his photography, but also knows the traits that drive people nuts. To me one of the biggest is that Ralph keeps his groups small and intimate. Whether you are an experienced shooter, or just beginning, he will provided you plenty of individualized attention and insure that you end the trip with great images and the knowledge to do it on your own.

"One last thing. My non-shooting wife accompanied me on both trips with Ralph and had a great time. She's fairly outgoing and independent which is needed when I'm engrossed in my photography. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are eaten as a group, and she enjoyed these social times. During the day, she either watched and chatted with us as we photographed, or she struck out exploring on her own or with a guide."

—Bill B. (Missouri)

"Thanks SO MUCH for an amazing week in Death Valley! What an awesome week! Thanks again for such a delightful experience. Hope to see you soon!"

—Judy M. (Virginia)

"Thanks again for the Pribilofs trip. If some of your potential customers ask for a reference feel free to point them to us as we'll be glad to give you a positive one."

—Bill H. (Arizona)

"We had a fabulous time. We just want to tell you what a wonderful trip we had. You did a terrific job and the group was a riot."

—Marilyn S. (Virginia)

"So enjoyed the hummers! I ended up with about twenty or so excellent photos with four that I am exhibiting in a show in August. Thank you so much for all your help. I now have correct equipment but am still trying to convince my husband that I need a 600 lens.

"Thank you again for a wonderful week with the hummingbirds."

—Kathie B. (Connecticut)

"Pictures from the Eastern Sierra trip are spectacular—thanks for a great trip!

"Thank you for the great Churchill trip. I agree with you that we had exceptional chemistry in the group—what a great bunch of people! My pictures were above my expectations."

—Robert J. (Colorado)

"Thanks for a great tour. The Florida trip was sensational. I certainly learned a lot about exposure control and how to photograph birds. You were a most gracious host and very helpful in teaching me new methods regarding flash techniques and proper exposure. I was pleasantly surprised at the great results. I appreciate your help in finding the right bird books so I will not only be able to identify the birds but also will be able to explain some of their behavior patterns."

—Burt R. (Missouri)

" I want to let you know how very much I enjoyed and learned on the trip to Death Valley. I became much more familiar with the my camera which seemed very complicated beforehand. It was a real pleasure to be with people who loved taking pictures like I do and have the skill and patience it takes to set up a shot. It was also great just being with you and I want to thank you for all your patience with me."

—Carol G. (New York)

"Thanks for another really well organized and very productive trip."

—Ray K. (Minnesota)

"I have never been to a workshop in which I was so happy and proud of the pics I took. This one was very special."

—Eduardo K (California)