Pinwheel Galaxy M101 & Supernova, California

Pinwheel Galaxy M101 & Supernova
White Mountains, California   –   June 22, 2023
— Ralph Paonessa
Takahashi FSQ-106EDX III refractor + 0.73X   *   f/3.7

Galaxy Messier 101 is known as the Pinwheel Galaxy. In May 2023, a new supernova was first seen (designated SN 2023ixf). Because of its enormous brightness, it shines clearly in one of the spiral arms, near the region of glowing gas cataloged as NGC 5461 (see annotated imaged).

M101 appears in a galaxy-rich region of constellation Ursa Major and a number of galaxies appear in this image. (If you look closely, you spot hundreds!)

LRGB composite: 8.3 hr total exposure over 2 nights:

Lum 17 x 7 min = 2 hr

Red 18 x 7 = 2.1 hr

Green 18 x 7 = 2.1 hr

Blue 18 x 7 = 2.1 hr

Photo ID: M101 SN 2023ixf LRGB