Milky Way over Alabama Hills, California

Milky Way over Alabama Hills
Eastern Sierra Nevada, California   –   June 13, 2021
— Ralph Paonessa
Canon EOS 6D H-alpha modified   *   Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 ED AS UMC   *   ISO 1600   *   f/4

Milky Way bright center rising over the Alabama Hills.

Sky tracked using Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer. 4 x 4 min = 16 min, ISO 1600, stacked in PixInsight.

Foreground not tracked and exposed separately, 4 x 4 min stacked in Photoshop, ISO 3200. I had originally planned to expose the foreground longer at a lower ISO for less noise, but campers arrived in the area, and their lights interfered.

I combined the foreground and background sky in Photoshop wuth careful masking, and adjusted the result in Lightroom. Thanks to my workshop participants for finding this scenic vantage point in the Alabama Hills!

Photo ID: 20210613-378 RGB stack 4-Edit